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About Us

Breaking BarriersFueling DreamsChanging Lives

Our team is focused on building equitable systems in order to change the trajectory of diversity throughout baseball.

By dedicating ourselves to this cause, players are committing our personal time and energy to build a stronger and more successful game for the future.


Address baseball’s systemic barriers to equity & inclusion by creating pathways to opportunities on and off the field for an undeniable pipeline of black talent.


The Players Alliance is where we as black professional players commit to owning and supporting solutions to increase the participation of our beloved community in baseball. We do this because our representation is important to both the community and the game.


The Players Alliance Core Values describes who we are, what we do, and how we do it. It serves as a foundation for all that we do and our shared expectations of each other and our partners.


We believe that as black players we have both the right and responsibility to lead using our unique, yet shared experiences, education and collective voice


We believe our experiences (both success and failure) in the game of baseball uniquely qualify us to transition from players of a game, to owners of desired solutions to increase the presence and involvement of African Americans


We are committed to advocating for thoughtful interventions and protective guidance for players and their families to combat the special vulnerabilities and pitfalls found in the journey towards and within professional play


We are committed to using our voice at the table to serve on behalf of those unaware of the table’s existence.


We respect every gift received and relied upon by our mission and commit to transparency and effective stewardship


We believe that diversity is an asset and must be viewed and pursued as a priority throughout the game of baseball


We believe equally in the lessons found in a player’s success and failure because they both impact the talent pool available to the game.


Since our inception, The Players Alliance has worked collaboratively with the most extraordinary talent to play the game and partnered with well-respected and influential owners, executives, and business leaders to support communities across the country.

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